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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sneak Peak--Carrie's bachelorette party

So this weekend was Carrie's Bachlorette party, an amazing time put on by amazing friends...

Here is the lovely bride to be...and her very large glass.

Everyone brought new knickers for Carrie...she especially loved her new Granny Panties!

Everyone having so much fun...

A little dutch courage to prepare for more festivities....

Guess what's coming up now?

Oh yes, a toast and a stripper!

In my attempt to keep the blog clean...I'll show the reactions of the guests, not the actions of the stripper (but don't worry, Carrie, I have lots more to show you!)

The Mother of the Groom peeking at the show...

Mother of the Bride attempting to hide from the stripper... so funny!

The theme of this evening was good friends and much, much laughter!

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