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Friday, August 27, 2010

Sneak Peak-- The Broach Family

One of the really wonderful things about my job is following people on their journey... from engagement to wedding to life as married couple, and with that, often, children.  I began this journey with Tim and Katie about 6 years ago and have photographed their growing family many, many times-- and each time is a joy. Today we continued that journey photographing beautiful one week old Rachel.

And I got to visit with Rachel's sisters Emma and Mollie, both of which I began photographing when they were just as small as Rachel... hard to believe now...

Mollie was totally game for the camera!

Emma was feeling more reserved today, but look how lovely and serious she is...

And Katie looks amazing after only one week!

Sweet big sisters

Dad... he's a pro these days...

So sweet and yummy!

The  Broach Family... I love these two sisters looking at each other!

Kisses from the big sister.

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