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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sneak Peek-- Michelle and Zack's Wedding

Yesterday I was so lucky as to shoot a what was not only a beautiful wedding with super fun people, but was also the wedding of a friend and colleague.  Michelle's creativity was everywhere...

 As was the thoughfulness of friends and family, like this gift at the ceremony site send from family in Holland.

getting ready time!

Beautiful Michelle, love those dark lashes...

A totally fun and laid back bride--yes, Michelle, you were!

 Michelle and Zack at the Butler Belltower.

Zack has a sentimental streak he tries to hide, but definitely shows where Michelle is concerned.

Ah, these guys were so great...and tolerant of my ideas!

I love this one!  Fun Bridal Party!

Getting ready to walk down the aisle...

Francis, the Ring Bear,  oooo  the cuteness is almost too much for this mama!

" are ready to find a life-long mate.  You're looking for the wrong person.  But not just any wrong person:  the right wrong person- someone you lovingly gaze upon and think, "This is the problem I want to have."

Cake cutting with super yum cupcakes from Flying Cupcake in Broad Ripple.

First dance... clever and sweet.

Yup, my romantice heart just looooves this one.

Really, how fun are these two sisters!

Still going strong late into the night.  Heres to knowing that Zack and Michelle will have many years of fun and love.  Congratulations you two.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall Portrait Session--for a limited time only!

Raincliffs Photography has a great deal going on for portrait sessions - $125 and you get a CD with a ton of images and online viewing, plus your on location fun session. Deal only lasts until next Friday (September 3rd), but you can purchase now and use anytime this fall.  Contact Emily at or 403-5535 for more information or to take advantage of this special!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sneak Peak-- The Broach Family

One of the really wonderful things about my job is following people on their journey... from engagement to wedding to life as married couple, and with that, often, children.  I began this journey with Tim and Katie about 6 years ago and have photographed their growing family many, many times-- and each time is a joy. Today we continued that journey photographing beautiful one week old Rachel.

And I got to visit with Rachel's sisters Emma and Mollie, both of which I began photographing when they were just as small as Rachel... hard to believe now...

Mollie was totally game for the camera!

Emma was feeling more reserved today, but look how lovely and serious she is...

And Katie looks amazing after only one week!

Sweet big sisters

Dad... he's a pro these days...

So sweet and yummy!

The  Broach Family... I love these two sisters looking at each other!

Kisses from the big sister.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Information about family and kid sessions

The goal of Raincliffs Photography's portrait sessions is to capture the essence of your child.  I encourage you to chose a location you and your child enjoy and feel comfortable in, your home , a park or some other location you find fun and attractive.  The session lasts about an hour.  It includes 50-100 color and black and white images, the high-res proofs on cd to print as you wish and online viewing to share with friends.  This time of year it is fun to think about holiday cards and holiday gifts that could be given from on of these sessions.
The cost of a session is $150, includes the cd and online viewing.  There are no hidden costs.  The session can be of your whole family or just your children.
Call or email for more information.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sneak Peak--Carrie's bachelorette party

So this weekend was Carrie's Bachlorette party, an amazing time put on by amazing friends...

Here is the lovely bride to be...and her very large glass.

Everyone brought new knickers for Carrie...she especially loved her new Granny Panties!

Everyone having so much fun...

A little dutch courage to prepare for more festivities....

Guess what's coming up now?

Oh yes, a toast and a stripper!

In my attempt to keep the blog clean...I'll show the reactions of the guests, not the actions of the stripper (but don't worry, Carrie, I have lots more to show you!)

The Mother of the Groom peeking at the show...

Mother of the Bride attempting to hide from the stripper... so funny!

The theme of this evening was good friends and much, much laughter!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sneak Peak-- Amelia and Cooper at the IMA

What a fun way to end my weekend, an evening family shoot at the Indianapolis Museum of Art with the ever charming Amelia, her new baby brother Cooper and parents...