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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What to wear...

What to wear-- because people always ask-- "what should I wear?"
This is meant as guideline-- you probably have your own ideas... go for it!  Questions?  Ask?

Bright colors look great! They provide visual interest and make your portraits “pop”!

Whatever colors you choose, be sure to choose something you feel comfortable in.  My style isn’t about holding still and looking flawless, it’s about capturing you being you.  Sometimes I have subjects lay in the grass, run through fields, climb on top of trains or into abandoned buildings.  Keep that in mind when choosing your outfit.

It is also nice to bring a few changes of clothes for your photo sessions to add some spice to the photo and variety. I suggest at least two outfits, one casual and one dressy. Things you are comfortable in is best, your favorite clothes, or the outfit you would wear every day if you could. You could always buy new clothes for a session but when you are comfortable in your clothes already it makes the photosession that much easier.

Suggestions for kids:
-Bright, bold colors
-Big patterns, bright stripes, large polka dots, or whimsical prints
-Jeans are great... for girls
-Layers, such as skirts with fun tights, or skirts with cute jackets
-Pretty dresses for girls, especially white cotton or eyelet dresses
-Sweaters with hoods, for both boys and girls
-Overalls without a shirt, for boys, fun tees with retro style pics, layers tees under unbuttoned shirtsetc...  -Pajamas
-Stocking hats, tasseled hats, straw hats, cowboy/girl hats, etc.
-Tiaras, tutus, butterfly wings
-Superhero capes
-Winter coats with fur hoods
-Ribbons and bows in hair
-Striped socks
-Bare feet

Remember what clothes you LOVE on your kids—have them wear that!
What Not to Wear: Anything you don’t feel comfortable in, you will seem uncomfortable in the photos. Don’t wear matching outfits. Blend your outfits and make sure you compliment each other. Also avoid black and white shirts because you tend to blend into the backgrounds.  Avoid shirts with writing unless it really matters-- writing tends to stand out.

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