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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sneak Peak-- Chloe

It's true that I love being a photographer, well... I really do.  But somedays I LOVE being a photographer.  Like today when I got visit with a certain lovely young lady who I have know since she was born... no since before she was born.  And part of that hanging out was finishing the day off with a photoshoot.

Beautiful Chloe, it really does seem like yesterday you were born and brought home to that sweet bedroom your Daddy painted with clouds.

And now...

 Chloe lives across the country these days, we were all so happy to see and spend some time together (and eat homemade pizza and icecream)

You look so much like both your parents... and you make me laugh like crazy.

I love each of your expressions.

So Chloe and my oldest, Asher, are longtime friends... so I had to include some with both of them.  This is them with their "I'm working on the X-Files" faces.  I wonder what Mulder is saying on the other end of the line...

We miss you already, Chloe.

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